Food experiment

I have for a long time thought that it would be nice to try drying minced meat, because you would have a little more food possibilities on the tours. So now it was time to try some experiments. I dug 500g minced moose meat out of the freezer. Moose is perfect for drying purposes, because you want to dry meat containing as little fat as possible (otherwise it can go rancid quickly). It’s possible to fry meat without fat in a non-stick fry pan, just do not have the pan too hot when you begin. After frying, the meat weighted 300 grams. You could then spread out the meat on a baking sheet that you put in the oven. 70 degrees for about 10 hours will do it. You can leave the oven door slightly open so that moisture can escape better from the oven. At the end the dried meat weighted 108 g.

Now I have tried the meat I dried some time ago. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, because it looked and smelled quite like cat food. But the result was still a super good meal! The meat was allowed to stand about 20 minutes in a food thermos, with added water. (I got the TV-Shop thing Aromipesä in mind…) I made som mashed potato from powder, to get the right sense of the whole thing, and yet I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. I think I’ll try drying other things too, but what I do not know yet. Will take some inspiration from the book Torka mat (Dry food), by Eric Tornblad, 2012, which contains everything you can imagine having to know about food drying.

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